Basic Nutrition 101

(6:30PM - 7:30PM)

Brantford, ON Canada

The Event

What you NEED to know!
There’s so much information out there and it all seems so confusing, can somebody please tell me what I really need to know?”

What your body really needs.
What foods can prevent disease.
What the Corporate Food Industry doesn’t want you to know.
How you can eat more and still Lose Weight

Find out what foods to AVOID and those you can ENJOY for weight loss and optimal health!
Learn about the nutritional Myths that are causing your weight gain, and preventing you from losing those harmful and unwanted pounds!
Uncover the reality of how poor nutrition makes you tired, slows your metabolism and sets you up for more serious diseases.

Event Details

Wednesday, January 23rd @6:30pm Upstairs at Elkin Natural Health Centre Sign up at the front desk to reserve your seats.

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Elkin Natural Health Centre

160 Brant Ave

Brantford, ON Canada

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